该款机型是我公司精心打造的—款高速、 高精度、 高自动化的新型高端绗缝机,鼠标控制,简单人性化的操作系统, 可大大节约人力及耗材成本, 工厂化大数据采集,方便管理, 适合大批量、 高要求加工。

该款机型是我公司精心打造的—款高速、 高精度、 高自动化的新型高端绗缝机, 鼠标控制,简单人性化的操作系统, 可大大节约人力及耗材成本, 工厂化大数据采集,方便管理, 适合大批量、 高要求加工。

本机采用四轴伺服电机直驱, 高速静音, 简化了机械结构, 限度减少了机城故障,机头横向移动采用精密线性导轨,使机器运行更加的平稳顺畅。气动雾化定时机头喷油,有效防止机头磨损,旋梭储油式循环自动给油, 使旋梭更加耐用, 可延长几倍寿命。首先采用电脑控制的高稳定性凸轮圆刀剪线,使剪切底面线头长短—致,节省人力成本。机头自动10公分抬升行程,可使上下被框更加方便轻松,有效保护机头针杆和压脚不被损坏。

This machine is a new quilting machine with high speed, high precision and high automation. Mouse control and humanized operation system. It can save manpower and material cost, collect large data in factory, and manage conveniently. It is suitable for large batch and high requirement processing.
This machine adopts four axis servo motor direct drive, high-speed silent, simplifies the mechanical structure, reduces the machine city fault, the machine head lateral movement, uses precision linear guide rail, the machine runs more smoothly. It can effectively prevent wear and tear of the machine head by regular injection of oil. The rotary shuttle can be more durable and its service life can be prolonged several times. The high stability cam round knife controlled by computer is used to cut the thread, so that the length of the thread end on the bottom surface is consistent, and the labor cost is saved. The machine head is lifted 10 cm to make the upper and lower frames convenient, and effectively protect the needle bar and presser foot from damage.